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Welcome to our Server Checktool V3.2.5

You search for a quick online solution to Test your Name-, Mail- or Web- Server

running from outside?

I think you have found it.

How do:

  • insert Domainname Test starts itself.
  • Only Domainname starts full Testing
  • ns:Domainname starts only DNS Test
  • www:Domainname starts only Web Server Test
  • smtp:Domainname starts only Smtp Test

Function, News:

  • Now as Typo3 plugin so Multilanguage (en,de)
  • separate Tests
  • Faster by parallelization of the Tests.
  • ns: Check from Serial number
  • ns: Check from Reverse Lookup
  • ns: Show now Zonendata refresh, retry, expire and Default TTL
  • web: Check from Reverse Lookup
  • web: Show Pagetitel und metatext
  • web: Test for www.domain and domain only
  • smtp: Check from Reverse Lookup
  • smtp: Check Openrelay
  • smtp: Check from administrativ addresses (hostmaster,postmaster und abuse)

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